South Africa: Kruger & Panorama route – Thursday 12th September, Tomjachu Bush Retreat

This place is idyllic! It’s so quiet and peaceful, the views are beautiful and the sounds of being in the bush is tranquil. At places like this we always sleep with the curtains open, especially as we have big sliding glass doors, and if we happen to wake for sunrise we can see it from the bed. It gets dark around 6-ish so we have often had early nights (around 9-ish) so waking for sunrise is not really much hardship, it kind of happens naturally.

This morning’s sunrise was beautiful, I awoke about 20 mins before the sunrise, and woke Paul up. We popped outside to our veranda to watch the sun come up, even though we could have watched from bed, it was nice to take some photos too.

Afterwards we went back to bed for a little while, then just chilled out for a bit, had breakfast on the veranda and enjoyed the views. There are some beautifully coloured lizards here, a few around our house which I photographed.

We made a packed lunch and around midday took a walk up to “Zebra heights”, which is one of the many trails on the estate. It was hot work as today was over 30 degrees, so we were glad it wasn’t too long a walk. We enjoyed it though, and the views were lovely. Afterwards we took a short trip to the main pool as it gets more sun and is therefore a bit warmer than our own splash pool. On our way up there we saw a massive grasshopper – probably about 5 inches long! To be honest it looked a bit scary!

Some more chill time before setting off on our game drive en-route to our “bush dinner” just 3 of us, we were joined by Nate from London. The estate here doesn’t have any predators, so we saw some of the more common wildlife. The spot for dinner was lovely, overlooking the valley and mountains, set up lit by lanterns. It was very romantic. Lovely food, canapés followed by 3 courses and wine.

We had set up Paul’s GoPro while we were away to record in case the zebra had visited again, and when we checked the video they had! It’s just a shame we missed them, but at least we caught them on video.

Finishing the evening sitting by the fire, and we have done our on-line check-in for tomorrow’s flight home. We were allocated a window and aisle seat again, meaning having to disturb someone should we need up to go to the toilet or stretch our legs, so this time we just (resentfully!) paid £34 each to swop to an aisle and middle on the upper deck centre section. Hopefully this won’t prove to be a bad move (I guess it depends who is sitting next to us). Can’t believe our wonderful South Africa holiday is about to come to an end. It has been amazing, and hopefully one day we can come back and do it all again…

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